The Blue Fox was a tavern in Argentan, owned by Herul. Clever Rolf was the bookkeeper, and so drank there for free. He'd consumed too much one night when the knight Sir Ogier bragged he was going to rescue the maiden Viviane from the Great Wood where she was being held by the evil wizard Mebodes. Clever Rolf inadvertently insulted Sir Ogier, with the ultimate result that he joined Sir Ogier's quest, and wound up rescuing Viviane.[1]

Later, when Mebodes cursed Clever Rolf in revenge, subjecting him to a series of attacks involving insects, Clever Rolf took refuge in the Blue Fox to escape a swarm of bees. He defeated the attack by spreading mead on the bar, which attracted the bees. Clever Rolf then smashed the bees while they drank, much to the anger of Herul.[2]

In later years, ownership of the Blue Fox passed to Marcel.[3]


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