Blood and Iron  
Author Harry Turtledove
Cover artist Big Bot Design
Language English
Series Southern Victory
Genre(s) Alternate History
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date July 31, 2001
Preceded by Breakthroughs
Followed by The Center Cannot Hold

American Empire: Blood and Iron is a novel by Harry Turtledove published by Del Rey in 2001. It is the first volume of the American Empire trilogy, the middle sub-series of Southern Victory series.



The book covers mid-1917 through mid-1924, the immediate aftermath of the Great War, as an uneasy peace falls across the world. The armistice between the USA and Confederacy is formalized with Kentucky being readmitted to the U.S. as well as the new state of Houston carved out of West Texas with the US annexing chucks of Sonora, Arkansas, and Virginia. The Confederacy is required to cut their army and pay reparations to the U.S which cripples the C.S. economy.

The economic instability and the general humiliation of gives rise to a new political entity: the Freedom Party. Disgruntled artillery sergeant Jake Featherston quickly becomes the Party's leader, preaching revenge against the USA as well as the Confederate aristocracy and Blacks who he blames for costing the CSA the victory. In the USA, the cost of war and the Democrats' inability to protect workers rights gives the Socialists political momentum, culminating in the 1920 presidential election which sees Socialist Upton Sinclair defeat incumbent President Theodore Roosevelt.

In Canada, the US is strengthening its hold on the country particularly in the regions not occupied during the Great War, under the new leadership of General Custer. In the CSA the Freedom Party gathers steam, winning seats in congress in 1919 as its tactics grow increasingly violent drubbing the rallies of its opponents and even killing whistle blowers. In 1921 despite a close race the Freedom party loses the CSA presidential election to the Whigs but manages to come ahead of the Radical Liberals. All this comes to a head when, during a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, a Freedom Party member assassinates the new Confederate President, Wade Hampton V. This severely damages the reputation of the Freedom Party.

Soon after, the US President Sinclair calls an end to Reparations allowing the Confederate economy to recover. With its reputation in shambles and the Confederacy on its way to recovery, the Freedom Party is a shell of its former self. But as the book ends they are still a political force looking to expand through new tactics, willing to be patient and seize their moment should it arise.