Fictional Work
Religion: Elabonian pantheon (appropriated from indigenous northland tradition)
God of: Prophecy
Type of Appearance: Direct appearances throughout
Parents: Dyaus (father);
Darza (stepmother)
(parentage disputed)
Relatives: Baivers, Mavrix (alleged half-brothers)

Biton was an ancient god native to the northlands. He was represented in art as a wooden pillar with a long phallus. When the Elabonian Empire conquered the northlands, they declared Biton to be a son of Dyaus, much to Biton's annoyance.

A god of prophecy, Biton gave cryptic advice in rhymed verse through the Sibyl of Ikos to any who come to pay him homage. Though his prophecy was usually impartial, he was a special protector of King Gerin the Fox.

Literary comment

Biton is very closely modeled on the Greco-Roman god Apollo.

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