Fictional Character
"Natural Selection"
by Laura Frankos

Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Hripirt
Occupation: Diplomat
Relatives: Unnamed great-aunt
Professional affiliations: Hripirt Selection Center

Bingokk was an agent of the Hripirt Selection Center. His job was to select which elite number of humans from Earth would be allowed a work visa to enter Hripirt. Bingokk was known for being vain and extravagant. His vices included Terran black beans and gambling, and for the latter reason his superiors made sure to keep him away from Las Vegas. He came to be stationed in Washington, DC.

Mullnor, a screener for Los Angeles, discussed his selection criteria with Bingokk at the Drones Club. Bingokk was baffled by the choice Mullnor made, and lost a wager because of it.