Biff Thorvald
Fictional Character
POD: Set in the future
Appearance(s): Eruption;
All Fall Down;
Things Fall Apart
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: Late 20th century
Occupation: Musician
Spouse: Cindy
Children: Walter Thorvald, one other
Professional Affiliations: Squirt Frog and the Evolving Tadpoles

Biff Thorvald played rhythm guitar with Squirt Frog and the Evolving Tadpoles. His approach to music was to do as best he could and hope that he did it well enough to keep from needing to look for honest work. So far, he and the rest of the band lived up to these modest expectations.[1]

Biff tended to hang out with Charlie Storer, the band's drummer, more than with Justin Nachman or Rob Ferguson, the lead singer and the bass guitarist. The two shared motel rooms while on the road and took turns driving the band's second SUV letting Justin and Rob drive and navigate in the first one.[2]

When the band became snowed in in Guilford, Maine after the Supervolcano eruption, the band took up residence in the Trebor Mansion Inn. Charlie thought the place should have a "H.P. Lovecraft slept here" plaque which Biff confused with the San Francisco psychedelia band of the same name. He confessed he learned of the obscure band from his father who claimed he lost his virginity while the band's 'White Ship' played on the stereo. Biff and Charlie shared a bedroom in the tower across from the one Justin took and below the upper bedroom Rob took.[3]

Biff was the band member who trolled for girls the hardest. Rob thought the expression hard-on with legs could have been coined with Biff in mind.[4] He had been reluctant to leave Orono because he thought he had fallen in love with a girl named Nicole[5] and then pursued Cindy, a waitress at Caleb's Kitchen in Guilford.[6] She eventually became pregnant and married him.[7] She gave birth to a son they named Walter.

Two years later, Biff was one of Rob's groomsmen when he married Lindsey Kincaid, a local schoolteacher. However, he was distracted by Walter running around and by Cindy being pregnant again.[8]


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