The Videssos Books

Fantasy series about a world that is analogous to the Byzantine Empire.

Worldwar & Colonization Series

Sci-Fi/Alternate History — Aliens invade in the middle of World War II

The Southern Victory Series

Alternate History — The South have won the US Civil War, what would then happen over the next century.

Darkness Series

A fantasy series about a world war between nations using magic as weapons. Many of the plot elements are analogous to elements of World War II.

War Between the Provinces Series

Sostrates & Menedemos Series

A historical fiction series about two cousins who are traveling merchants in the fourth century BC Mediterranean. The novels were written under the H.N. Turteltaub pseudonym.

Crosstime Traffic Series

Days of Infamy Series

Alternate History — The Japanese have gained the initiative in the Pacific War by invading and occupying Hawaii.

Stand-alone Books