A fantasy series which is loosely based on the work of Isaac Asimov: The plot of the first two books resembles that of the short story "Nightfall," and the sequels written in the 1990s have certain traits in common with the first half of the Foundation trilogy.

The Videssos Series

Fantasy series about a world that is analogous to the Byzantine Empire.

Short stories

Worldwar - Colonization Series

Sci-Fi/Alternate History - Aliens invade in the middle of World War II

The Southern Victory Series

Alternate History - The South has won the American Civil War, and have further conflicts with the United States over the next century.

Darkness Series

A fantasy series about a world war between nations using magic as weapons. Many of the plot elements are analogous to elements of World War II.

The War Between the Provinces Series

A fantasy analog of the American Civil War.

Hellenic Traders Series

A historical fiction series about two merchants traveling up and down the Mediterranean Sea, shortly before 300 BC. The first four novels were written under the H.N. Turteltaub pseudonym. The fifth, Salamis, is scheduled for release in November 2020, under Turtledove's proper name.

Crosstime Traffic Series

A young adult series of Science fiction/Alternate History, set at the end of the 21st century, about a company that travels between parallel timelines.

Days of Infamy Series

Alternate History - The Japanese have gained the initiative in the Pacific War by invading and occupying Hawaii.

The Scepter of Mercy

A (mostly) original fantasy story published under the pen name Dan Chernenko, until the final book's mass market edition was published under Turtledove's own name in an attempt to boost sales. The trilogy tells the tale of two co-monarchs who lead their kingdom in a return to glory by questing for a long-lost sacred relic.


An alternate history wherein the east coast of North America from New Brunswick down to Florida, including the Caribbean islands, broke off from the main continent millions of years ago to form a separate landmass, whose settlement and development as a nation broadly mirrors American history.

"The Scarlet Band" and "Audobon in Atlantis" have been published, along with a number of other, unrelated short stories, in the anthology Atlantis and Other Places.

The Opening of the World Series

Set in a fantasy world in which the melting-through of a massive glacier leads to contact between civilizations which had never known of one another's existence. A war ensues, which is resolved with the discovery of a long-lost sacred site which had been lost to history and receded into the arena of mythology.

The War That Came Early

Alternate History -- World War II begins in 1938 over Adolf Hitler's planned annexation of Czechoslovakia.

The Hot War

Alternate History - atomic weapons are used during the Korean War, leading to the outbreak of World War III, thus turning the Cold War "hot."


In the near future the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts. The series tracks its aftermath over several years.

Thessalonica/Spell Dump

  • The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump (1993) - Fantasy with mild alternate history - A detective story set in a world similar to our own, but where sorcery based on henotheistic religions takes the place of industry.
  • Thessalonica (1997) - Fantasy - The siege of the city of Thessalonica by pagan barbarian tribes in a henotheistic world where both the Judeo-Christian God and various pagan pantheons regularly intervene directly in world affairs. According to Turtledove's website, this is set in the same universe as The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump.

Stand-alone Books

Short Stories

These stories have not yet been collected since their publication. Collected stories may be listed with the proper collection.

Short Story Collections

Agent of Byzantium (1987)

Set in a world where Muhammad, rather than founding Islam, became a Christian saint.

"Pillar of Cloud" first appeared after the first collected edition, and was added to the second edition. Departures is a prequel to the same universe, but was not included in the collection.

Atlantis and Other Places (2010)

"Audubon in Atlantis" and "The Scarlet Band" take place in the Atlantis Series, all other stories are standalones.

Counting Up, Counting Down (2002)

"The Decoy Duck" and "The Seventh Chapter" take place in the Videssos Series. "Forty, Counting Down" and "Twenty-One, Counting Up" form the Justin Kloster Stories. All others are standalones.

Departures (1993)

"Departures" and "Pillar of Cloud" are set in the Agent of Byzantium universe, all others are standalones.

A Different Flesh (1988)

Interrelated stories set in a world where humans never reached the Americas prior to 1492.

Kaleidoscope (1990)

"And So to Bed" is set in the A Different Flesh universe and "A Difficult Undertaking" is set in the Videssos series. All others are standalones.

Reincarnations (2009)

We Install and Other Stories (2015)

Anthologies Edited by Harry Turtledove

Shared World

These are stories Harry Turtledove has contributed to other people's projects.

H.P. Lovecraft

Turtledove has written numerous stories set in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

Isaac's Universe

A collection of three anthologies in a setting specifically created by Isaac Asimov and edited by Martin H. Greenberg. Turtledove contributed one short story to each volume:

War World Series

Turtledove collaborated on several novels and stories set in the CoDominion Universe including:

Clan of the Claw series

Turtledove contributed a short work to an ongoing series edited by Bill Fawcett called Exiled. The first volume was published in 2011. A second volume By Tooth and Claw has been published July 2015, but Turtledove did not contribute a story.


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