Bernie Cobb
Fictional Character
The Man With the Iron Heart
POD: May 29, 1942;
Relevant POD: May, 1945
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Religion: Methodism
Date of Birth: c. 1920
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: United States Army (World War II)

Bernie Cobb (b. c. 1920) was an American GI and a veteran of World War II (including the Battle of the Bulge). Like most American troops stationed in post-war Germany, Cobb was witness to various acts perpetrated by the German Freedom Front, and spent the next two years as part of the hunt for GFF leader Reinhard Heydrich.

Cobb, a native of New Mexico, had his first brush with the GFF at a pick-up baseball game in Erlangen, where a GFF member strapped with explosives blew himself up in a crowd of American troops. His tour of duty after that primarily consisted of chasing after the GFF, including a search of the forests outside Erlangen immediately after the GFF destroyed the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg.

When Konrad Adenauer, former opponent of the Nazi Party visited Erlangen, Cobb was one of several soldiers assigned to protect him. Shortly after Adenauer began to speak, the GFF launched a mortar shell attack that killed Adenauer.

In 1946, Cobb and another soldier, Mack Leff, ran a checkpoint out Erlangen. Unknown to either of them, they actually encountered Reinhard Heydrich as he was fleeing from his most recent operation, the kidnapping of several German scientists.

By fall of 1946, Cobb was back in combat for all intents and purposes, as he and his unit combed the Alps. While the searchers found and sealed a few mine entrances, they did not find Heydrich.

Over the next year, Cobb found himself increasingly embittered at his situation. He did not want to be in Germany much longer, and yet was in no position to leave the Army. In 1947, Cobb was once again assigned to search the base of the Alps. This time, the Army had precise intelligence, and the GFF engaged the US in a firefight. By sheer luck, Cobb was ordered to hold his position, and so was in the position to see and gun down Heydrich.

Cobb received 1/4 of the $1 Million reward that was on Reinhard Heydrich's head. General Lucius Clay promoted Cobb to sergeant. Cobb intended to return to New Mexico after his discharge.