Benny Lang
Fictional Character
The Guns of the South
POD: January 17, 1864
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: South Africa, resident in Confederate States
Date of Birth: c. 1980
Occupation: Computer repairman, mercenary
Political Party: Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging
Military Branch: America Will Break (Second American Revolution)

Benny Lang was a colleague of Andries Rhoodie's and was part of the AWB contingent that arrived at Orange Court House with the first shipment of AK-47s. He instructed Confederate soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia how to use the new rifles. After the Confederate victory at the Battle of Bealeton, he participated as a rifle grenadier in the battle of Washington City which ended the Second American Revolution.

After the war, Lang settled in Rivington where he lived the planter's life. Unlike most of his comrades Lang treated his black slaves relatively well. More than once he enjoyed the intimate embraces of Mollie Bean, a prostitute in Rivington who had led a double life as a soldier. After the Richmond Massacre on March 4, 1868, Lang fought against the Confederates during the battle of Rivington. He was wounded and captured by Nate Caudell and Mollie Bean. Later, he was imprisoned in Libby Prison.

When the Confederate Congress passed a bill that weakened slavery, Lang was visited by Confederate President Robert E. Lee. After a brief conversation with Lee, Lang agreed to cooperate and help Confederate scientists to reverse engineer technology from the future.


  • "You have to be more than stupid to screw up an AK-47. You have to be an idiot, and even then it's not easy." - Benny Lang to a group of Confederate soldiers.
  • "You fight dirty."
    "I fight to win, Corporal. If you can't stand it, go home to your momma." - Billy Beddingfield and Benny Lang.
  • "Go on, you lazy buggers. I've put the fear of God in them for you." - Benny Lang to a group of Confederate soldiers during the battle of Washington City.
  • "Jesus Christ, Moll, is that you?" - Benny Lang to Mollie Bean during the battle of Rivington.
  • "Up in our own time, we weren't professors, you know. A lot of us were soldiers or police. Me, I repaired computers." - Benny Lang to Robert E. Lee.