Fictional Character
"Coming Across"
Fantasy set partly in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Elf
Cause of Death: Suicide by cliff-jumping while terminally ill with AIDS

Belionora was the first elf to whom Lingol made love following his insidiously pleasurable affair with the human Gaetan. The tricks Gaetan had taught him were full of innovation and wonder for her.

Years later, Lingol and Belionora met again at the office of Celcalad, the wizard from whom they sought a cure for the mysterious curse that was ravaging their bodies. They discussed this strange affliction, which had become common in the community, and was resistant to all healing magics. Then the two sufferers made love again, commiserating in their sorrow.

A few years later, their friend Mafindel was in such pain from the same curse, and began the custom of Leavetaking by jumping from the Green Mountains cliffs to end his pain. Belionora, who was wearing unusual amounts of make-up to conceal her increasingly discolored, blotchy skin, told Lingol that the ongoing epidemic was not his fault, and neither elf suspected how inaccurate this statement was. Five years later, Belionora followed Mafindel's example.

Belionora was one of many late friends on Lingol's mind during his own Leavetaking.