Battle of the Strand
Date 1470
Location Forest outside New Hastings, Atlantis
Result Defeat of the Earl of Warwick
Anti-Warwick forces Earl of Warwick's forces
Commanders and leaders
Henry Radcliffe
Richard Radcliffe
Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick

The Battle of the Strand (fought in 1470) was the climax of a brief civil conflict in New Hastings, Atlantis.

The conflict began simmering with the arrival of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick from England. Warwick almost immediately set about establishing himself as the lord of New Hastings. He was quietly opposed by the founder of New Hastings, Edward Radcliffe. However, as Warwick began inflicting progressively greater outrages upon the colony, opposition grew more open. Warwick gained support among some in New Hastings, but just as many opposed him.

The conflict finally reached a head when Warwick imposed a tax upon New Hastings. His men attempted to tax Edward Radcliffe. Unbeknownst to Radcliffe, his son Richard, planned to ambush the men. Richard succeeded in killing one soldier with an arrow, but was forced to flee. The angry soldiers hacked Edward to death.

Richard and his brother Henry fled deep into the woods. Richard made an attempt on Warwick, but failed. After some days, the Radcliffe brothers had a plan of action in place. Richard gathered as many farmers from his own community, Bredestown who would follow him against Warwick. There was an initial skirmish between his band and Warwick soldiers, which saw fatalities on both sides. Nonetheless, Richard's forces stayed with him. They led Warwick's men into an ambush north of New Hastings a few hours later, at the stroke of midnight. Warwick himself was present, and even offered terms of surrender, which Richard refused. The two armies traded arrows as Warwick's knights advanced, as Richard stalled Warwick long enough for Henry Radcliffe to bring his ship, the Rose within firing distance. Warwick's men were blasted in the flanks, and collapsed quickly. Warwick himself was pinned by a dead horse. Richard Radcliffe shot Warwick in the face with an arrow.

Peace was restored to New Hastings, as both Richard and Henry brought together the community to heal.