For the submarine war in OTL World War II, see Battle of the Atlantic.

Battle of the North Atlantic
Part of the Second Great War
Date 1942-43
Location North Atlantic
Result Central Powers victory
Flag of the United States (Southern Victory) .pngUnited States
Germany 1870.pngGermany
Britainflag.jpgUnited Kingdom
Pavillon royal de la France.svg.pngFrance
Flag of the Confederate States (Southern Victory) .pngConfederate States

The Battle of the North Atlantic was a major naval action fought during the Second Great War from 1942-1943. The battle was fought between the U.S. Navy with some support from German ships and an Entente fleet made up primarily of the British Royal Navy and supplemented by French and Confederate ships.[1] The battle was fought in two segments, with each side's airplanes and submersibles taking the fight to the enemy several hundred miles away from their own side's surface fleet. Results of the battle were not clear immediately after it ended. However, several weeks later the United States retook Bermuda from Britain and the Confederate States.