Battle of the Hesperian Gulf
Date 1660s
Location Atlantis
Result Victory for Radcliff's Armada, destruction of the Pirates of Avalon
The Netherlands
Pirates of Avalon
Commanders and leaders
William Radcliff Michel de Grammont
Red Rodney Radcliffe

The Battle of the Hesperian Gulf was the climactic battle between the pirates of Avalon, Atlantis and the English government. Determined to bring the pirates to heel, the Crown created an armada, placing it under the command of William Radcliff. The pirates in turn organized loosely around Radcliff's infamous cousin, Red Rodney Radcliffe.

As Radcliff's Armada approached Avalon from the north, they encountered a pinnace off of North Cape, stationed by Red Rodney to act as look-out. While the Armada was able to beach the pinnace, the crew sent word to Red Rodney. Rodney and his colleagues sailed forth to meet the attack in the Hesperian Gulf.

From the start, the pirates were stymied by their lack of discipline. They could not stay together as their opponents did. Nonetheless, the pirates were defiant. When the Armada fired, the pirates responded. Things went badly for the pirates early, in the first exchange, however. Red Rodney's ship, the Black Hand, was hit by canonfire, and another pirate ship was set ablaze. And the English men-of-war were content to pound the pirates.

However, Red Rodney was able to bring forth fireships from the west. Now William Radcliff was forced to watch two of his ships burn. With the sun setting, Radcliff ordered the Armada to pull back.

However, Radcliff did not admit defeat. After taking stock of the fleet, including a quick meeting with Marcus Radcliffe, William Radcliff ordered that his Armada would attack again the next day.

Red Rodney took the opportunity to bury his dead. He refused to give chase, knowing that his fleet would be destroyed. Instead, he rowed to de jour admiral Michel de Grammont's ship, the Aigle d'Argent for a parlay. After some contentious conversation, the pirates decided to stay put. At least half presumed that William Radcliff had returned to Stuart.

The next morning, Radcliff's Armada attacked again. The pirates, realizing they would be destroyed if they stood and fought, retreated to Avalon. William Radcliff pursued, and invaded Avalon herself.