For the OTL World War II battle, see Battle of Midway.

Battle of Midway
Part of Pacific Theater of the Second Great War
Date December 7, 1941
Location Midway
Result Japanese victory that became a voluntary Japanese withdrawal
Flag of the United States (Southern Victory) .pngUnited States Empire of Japan flag.png Japan

The Battle of Midway was a battle of the Second Great War between Japan and the United States. Japan gained a decisive victory in 1941, and held Midway for over a year before voluntarily leaving the island in advance of a U.S. invasion.


After the U.S. took the Sandwich Islands during the Great War, they established a base on Midway[1], including a Y-range station.[2] In the summer of 1941, the U.S. was invaded by the Confederate States. The Empire of Japan, which had faced the U.S. in the Great War and in the Pacific War of the early 1930s, once again went to war with the U.S.

Both sides recognized the strategic importance of Midway to the security of the Sandwich Islands; if Japan could take Midway, it would have little trouble moving from island to island.[3]

The Battle[]

The attack finally came on December 7, 1941.[4][5] The airplane carrier USS Remembrance, which had been patrolling in the area, immediately went to assist.[6] She and a Japanese airplane carrier were sunk quickly during the fight.[7] Japanese forces made it ashore and successfully took Midway.[8]

Throughout the following year, US naval forces kept patrols around the Japanese at Midway in order to keep them from pushing out.[9]

The Japanese Withdrawal[]

After a year of preparation and two-front war, the United States were finally able to launch an invasion of Midway in early 1943.[10] However, much to their surprise, they found Midway abandoned,[11] as Japan prepared to attack British colonies in Asia.[12][13]


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