Fictional Character
"Farmers' Law"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Date of Birth: 8th century
Occupation: Farmer

Basil was a farmer in Abrostola. He discovered that Theodore had been murdered. He brought the news to the whole village, including Father George.[1]

Basil was one of several suspects in the murder. Basil had tended Theodore's sheep until two years prior, when Theodore had caught Basil milking the sheep and selling it (as well as a few sheep) in nearby Orkistos. Per the Farmers' Law, Basil had been beaten, and forced to return his wages to Theodore.[2]

When Basil confronted Father George, proclaiming his innocence, the priest was still hesitant to rule Basil out. Theodore had been hit in the face by his attacker, and it occurred to Father George that Theodore might not have perceived the scrawny Basil as a threat until it was too late.[3]

However, Father George later deduced who the killer was and Basil, armed with a light spear, accompanied the procession of armed villagers going to apprehend the killer.[4]


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