Barbarian Axeman
Fictional Character
"Getting Real"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Species: Avatar
Occupation: Warrior

The Barbarian axeman who accompanied Pablo Ramirez in his battle against the evil dwarves was a big man, tall with grey eyes and shoulders disproportionately wide for his height. As was customary for his clan, he shaved his head but had a fox-fur hat to keep warm in the cold winter air. He also wore a large wolf-skin coat that seemed too small for him. He swaggered along as though he owned the valley they were infiltrating.

The Axeman pointed to a stand of fir trees and indicated that the enemy would be there. Ramirez agreed and drew his sword. Then the dwarves burst from the wood, howling their harsh battle hymns. Some were black, some were white and some were yellow. The Axeman roared with laughter and said that they put him to mind of ministers in a kingdom he had left not long ago.

Unbidden the names Jackson, Berkowitz and Kojima came to Ramirez mind. Then the thought went away as he and his companion did battle. They were victorious with but minor wounds. The Axeman had a gash on his cheek and his trouser leg had a dark patch from another. The two plunged into the wood to get their rewards.

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