Fictional Work
Story: Elabon Series
Religion: Elabonian pantheon
God of: Barley and beer
Type of Appearance: Direct (in King of the North)
Parents: Dyaus
Relatives: Biton and Mavrix (alleged half-brothers)

Baivers was the Elabonian god of barley and beer. He was often depicted as a chimera of human and barley plant, with literal ears of barley, and stalks and shoots for hair. He was regarded by his "half-brother" Mavrix, the appropriated Sithonian god of grapes and wine, as competition and an object of scorn, as wine was considered more refined than beer. Gerin the Fox found Baivers' personality to be more agreeable than Mavrix', and found Baivers a much more reliable ally during the Gradi War.