Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Appearance(s): "6+"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: T'Kai on planet L'Rau
Species: G'Bur
Occupation: Prime Minister, Warrior

B'Rom was the vizier[1] to Prince K'Sed of T'Kai, a nation of the G'Bur species on planet L'Rau. The human apprentice merchant Jennifer Logan, of the vessel Flying Festoon, considered him to be the most cynical member of his species she had met.

While the Festoon was visiting, a new round of fighting with the barbarian M'Sak broke out, and the Festoon crew were deputized for the duration. Vizier B'Rom took a proactive role in the command of the war, and planned the failed attempt to assassinate the M'Sak ruler V'Zek.

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