Azor is a small town in the Tel-Aviv district of Israel. Previous to 1948 it had been an Arab town under the name of Yazur. In the Israeli War of Independence it was conquered by the newly-formed Israeli Army and completely emptied of its population, which ended up in Palestinian Refugee Camps. In the aftermath, the town was re-settled by Jews and given the Hebrew name "Azor" (אזור).

Azor in "Next Year in Jerusalem"Edit

Following the defeat of Israel by Palestine in the 21st century, the population of Azor once again became predominantly Arab, although it retained its Hebrew name.

The Second Irgun had a safe-house in Azor. The owner, Jael, was a life-long resident of Muslim-dominated Palestine. She allowed four Second Irgun agents, Yakov, Miriam, Sarah and Aryeh to stay in a secret attic in her house for a few days after their arrival. Her house was swept by government agents, but the young terrorists escaped detection. After two days, the group left, with Yakov wreaking more havoc in Azor, including changing the recording of the Muslim call-to-prayer with a Jewish one, and a wholesale massacre of rioting Muslims.

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