Audun Gilli
Fictional Character
The Opening of the World
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Raumsdalia
Occupation: Wizard
Spouse: Unnamed, deceased
Children: All deceased

Audun Gilli was a Raumsdalian wizard who specialized in the study of antiquarian magecraft. Three years before Sigvat II dispatched an expedition to travel through the Gap, Audun lost his wife in a housefire (though he sometimes described it as being the other way around--"My wife burned down and my house died in the fire"). Finding the pain of his loss to be unbearable, he took to drinking heavily, and his skills as a wizard degraded quite a bit because of it. Eventually Ulric Skakki hired him to join the expedition north of the Gap. While there, he and Liv tried and failed to out-wizard the shamans of The Rulers. He intended to return to Nidaros but when he got there he decided he would be better off living among the Three Tusk Clan near the Glacier (and far away from the painful reminders of the devastating loss of his wife) where he could more effectively attempt to oppose the Rulers--but their shamanry continued to outclass the best of his abilities.

Gilli eventually fled to the top of the Glacier with his compatriots when they were cut off from the main body of the Bizogots after yet another defeat in pitched battle against the Rulers. There he met Marcovefa, a shaman from the top of the Glacier who was so powerful that she could single-handedly defeat even the Rulers' magecraft. The group descended from the Glacier and continued their sometimes opposition to, sometimes flight from the Rulers as they advanced southward across the steppes. Gilli began having an affair with Liv, much to the fury of Liv's previous, and very jealous, lover, Hamnet Thyssen. Thyssen came to despise Gilli but recognized that he was valuable to the struggle against the Rulers and so did not attempt to take revenge.