The Atlantean Army was the branch of the Atlantean military responsible for land based operations. It had its roots in the Army of the Atlantean Assembly, the official army created by the Atlantean Assembly to fight the Atlantean War of Independence. Created out of the various regional militias gathered together after the outbreak of fighting, the force became a semi-professional regular military, trained in European ways as well as employing Atlantean methods. Its commander during the war for independence was Victor Radcliff, hero of the Atlantean theatre of an earlier global conflict.

Subsequently, the Army evolved into a professional military force. Its organization was handled by the Ministry of War, with one military officer in command. However, at times of war, the overall command of the army was shared by the Consuls of Atlantis, with each consul acting as commander-in-chief on alternating days.

Given Atlantis's relative isolation, the Atlantean Army participated in few international wars. It was deployed during the War of 1809 against Britain. It was also brought to bear during the Atlantean Servile Insurrection in 1852.

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