Asianto Supandy
Fictional Character
State of Jefferson
POD: Pre-history;
Relevant POD: 1919
Appearance(s): "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Indonesia (resident in United States)
Species: Hobbit
Religion: Catholicism
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Petty Diplomat, Restaurateur
Professional Affiliations: Bird of Paradise

Asianto Supandy was an Indonesian restaurateur in Yreka, Jefferson, USA. His establishment was called the Bird of Paradise. Supandy was also Indonesia's honorary consul to Jefferson, a sleepy state where people kept to themselves and not much happened. Supandy was grateful to General-President Suharto, who had allowed religious freedom to Catholics like Supandy in a largely Muslim nation. Supandy was 3 feet and 7 5/8 inches tall (he always stressed the 5/8), being of the "hobbit" ethnicity of Flores Island.

In February 1981, Supandy received a message from Consul Kertosudiro in Los Angeles, to deliver to Jefferson's Governor Bill Williamson. When he first heard Supandy's name, Williamson thought it referred to a Star Wars alien. The message, purportedly written by President Suharto, was a rubber-stamped goodwill message anticipating continued good relations between Indonesia and the United States.

To that end, Supandy invited Williamson and Mark Gordon, a sasquatch like Williamson, who'd been held as a hostage in Iran, to dinner at the Bird of Paradise. While Gordon had little use for Suharto, he did see the merit of the dinner. While the dinner was well covered by the press, all parties enjoyed the meal, and broadly expressed feelings of mutual respect and friendship.[1]