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Red Ensign of British India

The Army of India was the title given to the combined forces of both the British Indian Army and the British Army in India until the country's independence from the British Empire in 1947.

Army of India in Days of InfamyEdit

The Army of India was defeated in Burma by the Japanese Army when they invaded in early 1942, and forced back into India itself. Footage of their defeats in Burma were shown at the movies in occupied Hawaii.

Army of India in "The Last Article"Edit

Despite the German conquest of Britain in 1941, the Army of India refused to lay down its arms, resulting in a campaign that raged from the Russian and Iranian borders to the streets of New Delhi. Even as the situation turned dire, the army fought the invading Germans until both men and munitions finally gave out.

Army of India in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The Army of India came under attack in January 1941, when Japan launched its attack on European Colonies in the Pacific. The Army was defeated in Burma by the Japanese Army and forced back into India itself. Although unable to force the Japanese from Burma, they were still a threat. Because of such, the idea of using Japan's new germ weapons against them was proposed and just as quickly squashed out of fear the British would retaliate in kind.

Army of India in WorldwarEdit

The Army of India had been fighting the Japanese in Burma when the Race arrived in mid 1942. Hopelessly outmatched by the Race's advanced weaponry, the Army of India was driven westward, but managed to hold the line near the city of Bombay.

During the opening phases of the invasion, there were reports of riots in India, but - due to imperfect communications - it was not clear if this was against the British, against the Race, or both.

After the Race launched its offensive in the Middle East, driving the British 8th Army from Palestine, the British Indian Army was defeated not long afterwards. During the Peace of Cairo, the Race claimed India as one of their colonies and the Army of India was disbanded.


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