The Army of Franklin was the largest army loyal to "King" Geoffrey in the eastern theater of the Detinan Civil War. It fought forces loyal to Avram in Franklin, Cloviston, Peachtree, Dothan, Great River, and Palmetto Provinces.

Following the fall of Rising Rock, Franklin Province, the army withdrew into Peachtree Province, where it was reinforced by a wing of the Army of Southern Parthenia commanded by Earl James of Broadpath. In Peachtree, the army defeated Guildenstern's loyal army at the Battle of the River of Death. After faltering under Thraxton the Braggart's indecision, the Army pursued Guildenstern to Rising Rock, setting up a siege of Guildenstern's forces from a number of advantageous terrain positions ringing the city. Guildenstern was sacked and replaced with Doubting George, and the southrons were reinforced by General Bart's army. The northerners were defeated by the southrons after a spell by the Braggart was misdirected. The spell would have sapped the southrons' of their courage, but affected the northerners instead, causing the Army of Franklin to withdraw from perfectly defensible positions.

The next spring, the Army faced Hesmucet's huge force in Peachtree Province. Under its new commander,Joseph the Gamecock, it did not offer Hesmucet's superior force battle, but followed a slow, circuitous retreat across the province that prevented Hesmucet from taking Marthasville unopposed. However, political pressures led to Joseph's being replaced with Bell, who launched a series of disastrous counterattacks against Hesmucet that saw the Army take heavy casualties.

After the city fell, Bell decided that, rather than oppose Hesmucet's advance to the Western Ocean, he would launch an offensive into Franklin Province. The army was destroyed by a patchwork defense force commanded by Doubting George after a series of horrible tactical decisions made by the increasingly-erratic, laudanum-addicted Bell. After the Army was driven out of Franklin Province, its main remnant withdrew to Dothan and Great River Provinces, where Richard the Haberdasher assumed command. Colonel Florizel's wing ventured to Palmetto Province, where it soon surrendered with Joseph the Gamecock.

Literary Comment[]

This army is based on the Confederate Army of Tennessee.