Historical Figure
Nationality: Athens
Date of Birth: c. 429
Date of Death: Unknown; in the 4th Century BCE
Cause of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Merchant, student
Fictional Appearances:
"The Daimon"
POD: 415 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct

Apollodoros of Phaleron (c. 429 BC - after 399 BC) was a follower of Socrates in the 4th century BCE. Most of what is known about Apollodoros comes from the works of Plato, which describe Apollodoros as a successful merchant who left Phaleron to travel to Athens in order to become Socrates' student. He was present at Socrates' death, and was devoutly loyal to Socrates' teachings.

Apollodoros of Phaleron in "The Daimon"[]

Apollodoros became a follower of Sokrates not long after Alkibiades returned from defeating Sparta and set about making himself the absolute ruler of Athens.[1] He and Sokrates witnessed the murder of Kritias by soldiers after Kritias denounced Alkibiades.[2] Later, Apollodoros begged Sokrates not to publically denounce Alkibiades in the same way Kritias had. Sokrates, however, thought the fate of Athens too important not to speak out.[3]


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