Anthony Bacon
Historical Figure
Nationality: England
Date of Birth: 1558
Date of Death: 1601
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Anglican
Occupation: Politician, Spy
Parents: Sir Nicholas Bacon,
Anne Cooke
Relatives: Francis Bacon (brother),
William Cecil (uncle by marriage),
Robert Cecil (first cousin)
Political Office(s): Member of Parliament for Wallingford (1593), Oxford (1597-8)
Fictional Appearances:
Ruled Britannia
POD: July-August, 1588
Type of Appearance: Direct

Anthony Bacon (1558-1601) was an English gentleman. He was the eldest son of Nicholas and Anne Bacon, brother of Francis Bacon, and a nephew of William Cecil. Bacon was a learned man. Bacon led a scandal-ridden life, owing in part to his homosexuality. He was charged with sodomy on at least one occasion. He was a member of the household of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, until the latter was convicted of treason.

Anthony Bacon in Ruled Britannia[]

Anthony Bacon was a Protestant and was loyal to Queen Elizabeth. He and his brother, Francis Bacon, were frequently suspected of heresy and sedition by the English Inquisition and the forces of Spanish-backed Catholic monarchs Queen Isabella and King Albert.

In 1598, Captain Baltasar Guzmán of the Spanish army discovered evidence that Anthony Bacon was a "sodomite" and went to arrest him. Bacon eluded arrest, fled England with his young lover Tom, and found asylum at the court of King Christian IV of Denmark. He did not participate in the overthrow of Isabella and Albert.