Fictional Character
"Occupation Duty"
POD: c. 1000 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Philistinia
Date of Birth: c. 1988
Religion: Dagonist polytheism
Occupation: Soldier

Antenor was a young conscript in the army of Philistinia, and an army buddy of Pheidas. He was based in Gaza but spent duty time patrolling in Moab.[1]

While not a intellectual, Antenor was studious. When Pheidas could not remember the name of the Moabite whom Lord Goliath slew in personal combat, he called out to Antenor asking him. After a moment's thought Antenor answered Tabitas of the Evraioi.[2]

When their squad was traveling to Hierosolyma in a convoy of APCs and were attacked by a murder bomber, Antenor opened the clamshell doors in the rear and deployed along with the rest of the squad. With calm restored, Antenor along with the rest of the squad, re-entered the APC and continued on to Hierosolyma.[3]

A few days later, Antenor along with Pheidas and half the squad went on foot patrol in the city. As they patrolled, a firefight erupted between another squad and the Moabites. As he had been trained, Antenor ran towards the shooting and helped put down the Moabites.[4] Someone with a Philistinian accent shout "To me! To me!" and Antenor began running towards the grocery shop that the voice had come from. Pheidas beat him to it and showed himself briefly to identify exactly where to go and that the situation was not a trap. There he found a Philistinian captain and a grocer named Chemoshyatti, who'd been passing out anti-Philistinian literature amongst the Moabites. The captain suspected that the grocer was a Sword Buddhist agent of the Turks of Babylonia. This turned out to be correct, and the captain narrowly won an impromptu fight to the death with the terrorist.[5]


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