Anson MacDonald
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
The Domination of the Draka
"The Last Word"
POD: 1776
Appearance(s): Direct
Nationality: United States of America
Date of Birth: c. 1943
Date of Death: 1998
Cause of Death: Suicide by poison
Occupation: Sailor, Guerrilla
Military Branch: United States Navy, later auxiliary attached to United States Army (Final War)

Anson MacDonald (c. 1943-1998) was a commodore in the United States Navy. In 1998, MacDonald was visiting a redoubt in North Carolina when the final war between the Alliance for Democracy and the Domination of Draka finally erupted, which saw the utter defeat of the U.S. and the Alliance. With the Navy now nonexistent, MacDonald joined a cell of U.S. Army francs-tireurs led by Captain Fischer. He was deputized an honorary brigadier general, the army equivalent of commodore.

Literary comment[]

Anson MacDonald is based on Robert A. Heinlein, historical science fiction author. "Anson MacDonald" was a penname Heinlein used for a time. Moreover, Harry Turtledove's description of Anson MacDonald, "a lean, bald man...the graying hair he had left cropped close to the sides and back of his skull, a thin line of mustache...just above his upper lip" is nearly identical to Heinlein's physical appearance in his middle and later years. Heinlein, like MacDonald, was born in Missouri and was an Annapolis man, although Heinlein had to be discharged from the Navy for health reasons.