The flag of England.

The flag of the Netherlands.

The Anglo-Dutch Alliance was a military alliance between two Protestant kingdoms, England and the Netherlands. Elizabeth I of England, eager to support Protestantism and agreed support the ongoing Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule, sending an army to protect her new ally in 1585. The English general, the Earl of Leicester, did more to sour relations between England and the Netherlands, and returned to England in disgrace the following year. However, England's brief inteference was enough to spark war with Spain, which ultimately proved inconclusive.

Anglo-Dutch Alliance in Ruled Britannia

As a consequence of the Anglo-Dutch Alliance, Spanish King Philip II dispatched the Spanish Armada to conquer England in 1588. The Armada defeated this English fleet. This coincided with a chilling of relations between the allies, and Dutch forces did not prevent the Armada from rendezvousing with the Duke of Parma's army. The Armada escorted Parma across the English Channel. His forces landed in England and easily conquered it.