The Angles is a modern English word for a Germanic tribe who took their name from the ancestral cultural region of Angeln, a district located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The Angles were one of the main groups that settled in Britain in the post-Roman period, founding several kingdoms, and their name is the root of the name "England".

Anglelander in Agent of Byzantium[]

The Anglelanders settled in Britannia when the Roman Empire withdrew its legions in the Fourth century (hence the Angle name of Angleland) eventually forming a kingdom. The Anglelanders succeeded in defeating subsequent invasions by the Saxons, the Norsemen, and the Franco-Saxon Kingdoms.

The Anglelanders continued to rule Britannia into the Fourteenth Century due mainly to their effective navy. However, in 1315 their fleet suffered a major defeat when the Franco-Saxon navy used black magic to sink a score of ships. King Oswy learned that the Roman Empire had suffered similar defeats in Ispania where the Franco-Saxons used their magic to breech several fortresses.[1]

He dispatched two agents, Wighard and Hilda, to try to discover the secret of the spells.[2]


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