"Ancientest history" is a term used by different highly advanced cultures in Harry Turtledove's science fiction.

Ancientest history in "The Barbecue, the Movie, & Other Unfortunately Not So Relevant Material"[edit | edit source]

Some fifty to sixty thousand years into the Common Era, the study of history was broken into a number of Periods. Ancientest history dealt with the study of the Period called the First Primitive Period. This, in turn, was subdivided into Early, Middle and Late First Primitive Periods.

The Mid-Middle First Primitive Period included the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan (12th and 13th centuries).

The 20th century fell into the Late Middle First Primitive Period.

Lasoporp Rof was a graduate student in ancientest history.

Ancientest history in Worldwar[edit | edit source]

By the reckoning of the Race, whose Empire had existed for 100,000 years (50,000 years in Tosev 3 units), all of Earth's history, including the Sumerians and first Egyptians, was recent and unworthy of holding in awe. The Race's concept of ancientest history referred to the early days of the unified Empire, and the pre-unification era of Race-versus-Race wars on Home.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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