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The Anatolic Theme (Greek: Άνατολικόν [θέμα], Anatolikon [thema]), more properly known as the Theme of the Anatolics (Greek: θέμα Άνατολικῶν, thema Anatolikōn) was a Byzantine theme (a military-civilian province) in central Asia Minor. From the break-up of the Opsikion in the mid-8th century on, it was the most important of all the themes of the Empire.

Anatolic Theme in "Farmers' Law"[]

The village of Abrostola was located in the Anatolic Theme.[1] In the reign of the iconoclastic Emperor Constantine V, a farmer was murdered. Instead of informing the strategos of the theme, which would entail the destruction of the icons which Abrostola was proud, the villagers requested Father George to investigate the killing.[2]


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