Amanda Solters
Fictional Character
Gunpowder Empire
POD: 12 BC
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States (home timeline)
Date of Birth: 2070s
Occupation: Student, store clerk
Parents: John Solters, Melissa Solters
Relatives: Jeremy Solters (brother)
Affiliations: Crosstime Traffic

Amanda Solters was the daughter of John and Melissa Solters, two Crosstime Traffic traders who travelled to Dacia Province in the Agrippan Rome alternate. She lived in Southern California in the home timeline.

Amanda and her older brother Jeremy Solters were disconnected from the home timeline when the Crosstime station in Romania was bombed. During this time, the city was attacked by an army from Lietuva. They were reunited with their parents when the Romanian station was restored.