Alternate Generals  
Editor Harry Turtledove, Roland J. Green and Martin H. Greenberg
Language English
Genre(s) Alternate History, secret history, fantasy
Publisher Baen
Publication date August 1, 1998
Followed by Alternate Generals II

Alternate Generals, Baen, 1998, is a collection of short alternate history stories, edited by Harry Turtledove, Roland J. Green and Martin H. Greenberg. It includes Turtledove's own short story, "The Phantom Tolbukhin".

Many of the stories deal with key battles of various ancient and modern wars going differently than in OTL because a general took a different decision, or because a different person was in the specific position. In several of the stories, various generals (and admirals) are depicted as fighting on the opposite side to that on which they fought in OTL, or in a context completely different to that in OTL. A common theme in the stories of different writers is of generals trusting their instinct, taking risky initiatives to the displeasure of their superiors - and achieving major victories.

Another theme common to several stories is of generals turned statesmen reviewing their respective lives at an old age and (in some stories) being given a chance to go back and correct mistakes.

A few of the stories are not technically alternate history, but are secret histories with possible elements of fantasy.

The cover picture of a Roman soldier in the turret of a tank does not correspond to any of the actual stories in the collection.