Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Appearance(s): Sentry Peak
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Detina
Religion: Detinan pantheon
Occupation: Soldier
Parents: Unnamed Highlow Patriarch
Relatives: Niel (brother),
Moody (cousin),
Numerous other unnamed brothers and cousins.

Alexander was a brigadier in the army of Detina during the Civil War. A native of Highlow Province, he joined King Avram's service when the war began, along with his father, brother Niel, cousin Moody, and numerous other brothers and cousins. There were 17 men of his family involved in the war, causing his superior General Guildenstern to remark that the Sweet One had truly blessed the family.[1]

Literary comment[]

General A.M. McCook

Alexander is based on U.S. Army General Alexander McDowell McCook (1831–1903) of the "Fighting McCooks".


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