Fictional Character
"One Touch of Hippolyta"
by Laura Frankos

Urban Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Pontus
Date of Birth: 1st millennium BC
Date of Death: 1st millennium BC
Cause of Death: Believed to be killed in action
Occupation: Soldier
Parents: Bremusa
Relatives: Harmothoe (great-grandmother);
Naudar (great-grandfather)
Military branch: Amazons

Alcibe was an Amazon from Amaseia in the kingdom of Pontus. Her mother Bremusa was the granddaughter of Harmothoe, whose spirit was encased in a statue that became aware of its surroundings when her sword was nearby. Alcibe was apparently killed in action sometime in the 1st millennium BC, and Harmothoe's consciousness was not awakened until AD 1872, when archaeologist Hiram Rowbotham-Finch brought the two pieces close together again.

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