Albert O'Saurus
Fictional Character
"Someone is Stealing the Great Throne Rooms of the Galaxy"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Unnamed saurian humanoid
Nationality: Gould IV, Galactic Empire
Occupation: Law enforcement official

Albert O'Saurus was a saurian humanoid from Gould IV, "green as an Irish shamrock." After the Royal Drive gang stole the famous throne room (and somewhat less famous antechamber) from the palace on Gould's main continent, O'Saurus was the liaison of the Space Patrol agent investigating the crime, Cadet Rufus Q Shupilluliumash. He translated the graffiti "Next Stop--Galactic Central! Royal Drive" for Rufus's benefit. When Rufus announced that this was a clue, O'Saurus sarcastically asked how he had deduced such an obvious fact. Rufus made a pun so poor that O'Saurus had him arrested, Rufus's seventh and final arrest in the course of his investigation.

Literary comment[]

His name is a pun on the dinosaur Albertosaurus (close cousin of T-Rex), the semi-official mascot of Canada's Alberta Province.