Fictional Character
"The Old Grind"
by Laura Frankos

Fantasy set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Dwarf
Nationality: Indigenous Orcadian subject of Norway
Occupation: Weaver, Miller
Spouse: Erka
Relatives: Alberich the goldsmith (cousin)

Alberich was a dwarf living in the Orkney Islands who worked as a weaver. He was a cousin of the famous goldsmith. In 910, both dwarves took a second job as a hired hand on the salt mill of the giantess Menia, whose daughter Fenia was leaving home to travel the world. When Fenia returned the next year, Alberich thought they would have to give up this job, but Menia suggested that the dwarves could assist in baby-sitting the children Fenia planned to have with her husband-to-be, Cubbie Roo.


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