Fictional Character
The Sea Mother's Gift
Historical Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Indigenous Orcadians
Religion: Mother of the Sea
Date of Birth: Early 12th century BC
Spouse: Unnamed first husband (d. 1160 or 1159 BC);
Children: Unnamed son;
Fummirrul (stepson);
Joloc (stepdaughter);
Rarpibb (stepdaughter)

Aip was an Orcadian woman who married the rancher Dett in 1159 BC, after both their spouses had perished in the plagues resulting from the Day of Darkness. Aip had a son who admired his new stepbrother and role model Fummirrul. In 1158 BC, she welcomed Gefalal, beloved of Fummirrul, into the family.[1]


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