The German Afrika Korps was the German Army's expeditionary force in Libya and Tunisia during the North African Campaign of World War II. The Corps' most notable commander was Erwin Rommel who earned the nickname "Desert Fox".

The Afrika Korps fought against Allied forces from early 1941 until its surrender in May 1943.

Afrika Korps in Days of Infamy[]

The Afrika Korps was the only force of the German Army actually fighting the British during the occupation of Hawaii by the Japanese. Footage of their triumphs were screened for the residents in movie theaters all over Oahu during their high-water mark.

Despite their superior equipment and training, the Afrika Korps was eventually overwhelmed and defeated by a combined American and British offensive at El Alamein. This defeat was known to Minoru Genda and other Japanese officers, but kept hidden from the conquered population.

Afrika Korps in Joe Steele[]

With aid from the US, the British were finally able to defeat the Afrika Korps in North Africa and later expel it from the continent completely.

Afrika Korps in The War That Came Early[]

The Afrika Korps, under the command of General Walther Model, was sent into North Africa in 1941 to aid Italian forces under siege in Tobruk in eastern Libya. By the summer of 1942 the Afrika Korps had driven the British Army back into Egypt and was threatening Alexandria.

Afrika Korps in Worldwar[]

The Afrika Korps was locked in a death struggle with the British Army in North Africa when the Race arrived in mid-1942. Although the Germans were still determined to fight the alien invaders, they were hopelessly outclassed by the Race in the desert environment. With no cover from air attacks, the Afrika Korps was decimated, and by the start of 1943, the corps had been withdrawn from the African continent to Europe. Its members were dispersed throughout Wehrmacht forces defending Germany itself.