Aemilius Ruso
Fictional Character
"Death in Vesunna"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Roman Empire
Religion: Roman pantheon
Date of Birth: 2nd century
Occupation: Scribe

Aemilius Ruso was the local copyist and scribe in the Roman town of Vesunna in Aquitaine. He had a fine hand and was a careful worker. He was a friend of Clodius Eprius who recommended him to two itinerant booksellers named Lucius and Marcus to make a copy of Sophokles' Aleadai they wished to purchase.

A few weeks later, the town's doctor, Kleandros, attempted to sell a copy of Hieronymos of Kardin's history to Ruso. The price the scribe offered, while generous, wasn't good enough for Kleandros so the sale did not go through.