The Admiral Peary was an American starship similar to the Race's starships from its Conquest Fleet and Colonization Fleet. The ship was named for Admiral Robert Peary, the explorer who first reached the North Pole in 1910. It was slower than the Race's ships: it could travel at a little less than one third the speed of light; the Race's could do half. It was launched from Earth in 1997 and arrived at Home in 2031.

The Admiral Peary's mission was mainly diplomatic. Its crew, who had of necessity been kept in cold sleep during their journey, consisted of mostly military personnel, though it did include some civilians. Its primary mission was to establish an American embassy on Home. The Doctor was tapped to be ambassador, but when the ship's medics failed to revive him from cold sleep Sam Yeager was chosen to serve in that capacity. The Admiral Peary itself remained in orbit around Home, and it carried nuclear missiles so that the Race's colonists on Earth could not destroy that planet without risking the security of their own world.

The Admiral Peary was rendered obsolete as a vehicle several months after its arrival with the appearance of the FTL ship Commodore Perry. The FTL ship offered its passengers and crew retirement and a return to Earth. However, the Admiral Peary itself remained in Home orbit, crewed by Commodore Perry crew members and members of its original crew who declined the retirement package, so that the United States could maintain a permanent military presence in the Tau Ceti system.

The Admiral Peary was a "pure" military ship, with no comforts that were not absolutely necessary. It was armed with an unknown number of nuclear missiles of an unknown yield. For defense it was armed with a "swarm" of anti-missile missiles that were a hair better than what the Race could field and radar controlled "Gatling gun on steroids" for point defense.


Diplomatic Mission[]