Across was the name given to the suburbs on the western shore of the Cattle-Crossing directly opposite the city of Videssos. By law the suburbs were not allowed to grow their ports, keeping the capital in its position as the Videssian Empire's principal commercial harbor. The harbor was also used to move troops from the city to western parts of the country in times of war.

Somewhere after Year Zero+550, during the Makuraner invasion of the westlands and their drive toward the imperial capital, the Makuraner armies succeeded in capturing Across itself after defeating the Videssian army, a major cause of embarrassment for the Avtokrator Maniakes. It was the site of the start of the Makuraner field army's mutiny in favor of Abivard and against Sharbaraz King of Kings, and was where Maniakes disembarked his forces when he began his campaigns in the Westlands.

The town was sacked several times during the course of the war, but was promptly rebuilt after the fighting ceased.

The town was the location chosen for the Videssian army's disembarkation when it began the Maragha campaign. Mavrikios Gavras tripped at the end of his gangplank, falling on the beach, but brushed off the ill omen by crying "Videssos, I have tight hold of you!"

After the Sphrantzai had taken power, Avtokrator Thorisin Gavras  met Taron Leimmokheir there to negotiate whether or not the drungarios would fight for Thorisin. Taron refused to forswear himself, and after his departure Thorisin's party was attacked by seaborne assassins, whom everyone present assumed were hired by Leimmokheir. It later became clear that Baanes Onomagoulous had hired them, when he attempted to have Thorisin assassinated a second time and then began a revolt.