Abdul Satar Ahmedi
Fictional Character
"Black Tulip"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Afghanistan
Religion: Islam
Date of Birth: c. 1959
Occupation: Guerrilla, medic
Parents: Unnamed father

Abdul Satar Ahmedi was the son of a druggist in Bulola, Afghanistan. When the Soviet Union invaded in the 1980s, they seized Bulola. Satar's father gave him an old Lee-Enfield rifle that his great-grandfather had used in the war against the British, generations before. Satar soon fell in with the Mujahideen fighters under Sayid Jaglan, acting as a medic.

Satar and his comrades decided to retake Bulola from the Soviets. The Soviets knew the Mujahideen were coming, and were well-prepared with gunships and Katyushas. However, fighting awoke a dragon that had slumbered for centuries outside the town. The enraged dragon killed the entire Soviet garrison. Because the Afghanis had not attacked the dragon, they survived, and Satar returned to his village and his father.