These characters appear in the short work "The Genetics Lecture". Owing to the very simple nature of the piece, they have been placed on a single page.

Professor Cthulhu[]

Cthulhu was a professor of genetics. His students viewed him as old fashioned, partly because of his manner of dress and his glasses. While Cthulhu was willing to allow his students some latitude in their questioning of him, he had a strictly defined sense of what constituted a silly question. For example, when one of his students, Nyarlathotep, asked whether it was possible for modern life to have evolved from anything but mollusks, Cthulhu was initially very irritated.[1]

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Female Genetics Lecture Student[]

A student in Professor Cthulhu's genetics class wondered what made their species different from other less complicated life, such as fruit flies and amphioxus. The professor happily explained that their species had 13 sets of Hox genes owing to a mutation in the Cambrian.[2]


Nyarlathotep was a student in Professor Cthulhu's genetics class. After a lecture in which Cthulhu discussed evolution, Hox genes, and amphioxus, Nyarlathotep approached Cthulhu to ask whether it would have been possible for intelligent life to have evolved from non-mollusk life. Cthulhu found the question silly.[3]

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Nyarlathotep, the Lovecraftian Elder God on which this character is based.


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